Fast advertising image

Photoshop Tutorial

Today I’ll show you how to change a photo into an easy advertising image. We’ll combine two photos and work with text.

Step 1: Changing the photo.

The photo in its origial form is good but not interesting enough for an add. So we’ll add some texture and make it feel more like summer. To do this we have to choose a photo of a wall structure. Now we can combine the two photos:

Original Photo
  • Lay the wall structure over the photo and set the blend mode to Overlay.
  • So now we added more texture to the wall and floor. But, the model has the structure to. To change this we add a mask to the structure photo. Now paint with black over the model to remove the structure.
  • We’ll paint over the floor with a reduced opacity (grey) to make the structure in the floor more subtle.

Step 2: Text.

Photo Filter

Now we’ll add the text. The text for this example is quite simple: Discounts up to -50% on clothing and accessories. Choose a font that resembles brush strokes (like Flood), so it will seems like the text in painted on the wall. The color is a strong red (#d02626). Now, set the blend mode to Multiply. This will make the color a bit darker and the structure of the wall shines through; making it even more resembling a wall painted text.

Step 3: Finishing touch.

Camera Raw Artisitic

Now we’ll add a filter the combine every element into one coherent picture. The do this there are multiple options:

  • Photo Filter: set this adjustment layer on Warm Filter (81) en set the value to 31%.
  • Camera Raw: first combine the elements in one layer. Then go Filter -> Camera Raw -> Profile. Choose a new profile from the Artistic menu. I choose Artistic 02.

Now you have an easy and quick to make advertising image.