Isometric New Year

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With this Illustrator tutorial I’m going to show you how to create Isometric Numbers. You can use these for a modern New Years card or Social Media banner. The first thing to do is to create an isometric grid. I’m going to ease the process by giving one to you.

The Isometric Gird: Download.

Step 1: Outline numbers.

When you have opened the isometric grid file, take the Pen tool with a stroke and no fill. Snap the Pen to a, Anchor Point to start. We’re going to make the numbers 3 squares wide and 5 high. When drawing in Illustrator you’re creating vectors so we can scale them infinitely.

Now we’re creating the 0 with the same size.

Step 2: Filling the numbers.

The numbers have strokes but we need them with a fill and no stroke. I filled the numbers with a light grey color. The middle part of the 0 is filled with white.

Step 3: Creating Depth.

Now we have a light grey flat numbers. To give them a sense of depth we need to draw with the Pen tool again. Set the stroke on and the fill off. Start drawing like this:

Now we’re going to fill the stroke elements. I used a darker grey.

Step 4: Making 2020

Now we have a Isomectric 20, to create the Year we just need to duplicate the first two numbers. Make sure every elemet of the numbers is grouped together.


An easy way to create Isometric Numbers with a drawing:

Draw the numbers:

Then apply the 3D-effect: Extrude and Bevel:


An easy way to create Isometric Numbers with a Font:

Type the numbers and apply the 3D-effect: Extrude and Bevel: